The Agenda

Sunday, September 11

5:00pm - 6:30pm

Welcome Reception at The Omni

Monday, September 12

8:30 AM


9:00 AM

Welcome and Kick-off

9:15 AM

Client Marketing Wins
Transition from antiquated MCIF Reports to 360 View’s Reporting Database

10:15 AM

By Popular Demand: Your 360 View Peers!
Always a crowd favorite, we will kick off The View 2022 hearing from some of our rockstar administrators! Learn what other financial institutions have been up to over the last few years including best practices for advancing usage and building innovative processes within CRM.

11:00 AM

Market Segmentation: Work Smarter, Not Harder
See how you can turn Data into Action with Market Segmentation.

1:00 PM

Instant Connection: The 360 View API
You have probably heard of an API, but what exactly can it be used for? This session will cover everything from API basics, use cases from actual 360 View clients, and information on how to get started with your own API project. You will gain an understanding how the API is different from traditionally imported data and the many possibilities that exist for customizations.

2:00 PM

The Doctors Are In: Panel Discussion
Struggling with how to get your Commercial Team to finally use 360 View? Not sure how to implement those great ideas you learned at a previous 360 View Conference? Trying to figure out how to best implement or re-implement 360 View to gain better usage throughout the organization? You’re not alone, and help is only a session away. Come spend some time with our resident experts to learn how they’ve implemented solutions to keep 360 View visible and usable for ALL employees at their financial institution. They have the prescriptions to make everything better for you and your entire team.

3:00 PM

Roundtable Networking Session with All Attendees and 360 View Team Members
Reunited and it feels so good! As always, our annual roundtable discussions will provide you with an opportunity to build stronger relationships within our community, discuss real world experiences with 360 View, and have some fun while we do. We’ll end the day with a drink and a round of 360 View 21 questions!


6:00 PM

Monday Night Event - Details to come!

Tuesday, September 13

9:00 AM

Day 2 Kick-off

9:15 AM

A 360 View of 360 View
Join us for an exciting presentation of all the great things being planned at 360 View.  From Company updates to a sneak peak at the new look and feel of 360 View along with what’s on the horizon, this private showing will surely get you excited to bring back information to your team on the direction 360 View is taking in the not-so-distant future. 

10:00 AM

A Wealth of Knowledge
You don’t need a crystal ball to learn what you “don’t” know about your clients. You just need to attend this session to learn how to use Wealth Engine’s Demographic and Wealth data appended to your 360 View personal prospect and client records to make the most out of your cross-sell programs. Understanding your prospect/clients true potential is now right at your fingertips. Data is only data – unless you do something with it. Come hear Eric Ash from Wealth Engine talk about how they source the data to make it valuable and see Joyce Colin demonstrate how to make that data actionable with 360 View’s Actionlytics. A wealth of knowledge is waiting for you! Your head will explode!

11:00 AM

Breakout Session
Mobile App Overview
Learn the steps to implement the 360 View Mobile App and walk through the screens and functionality of the tool.

Breakout Session
The Building Blocks of Goals & Incentives
The 360 View Goal & Incentives Module offers endless customizations, but there is a ton of “out of the box” functionality available too! Join this session for a refresher of functionality which does not require any custom code. This is intended for both current users of G&I and those considering adding the module in the future.

Breakout Session
Winning with Constant Contact: Keep Going, Keep Growing
Automate your email delivery using our 2-way integration with Constant Contact to deepen your customer relationships.

1:00 PM

Live Town Hall Session

2:00 PM

Breakout Session
Delinquency and Loan Collections with Risk Management

Breakout Session
Making “Good Customers” Great Customer!
Anyone at your organization ever say “they’re a good customer!”  Really, are they? What defines a “good customer.”  Imagine having the right tool to determine who are your good customers, but also determine how you can increase their value to make them a great customer!  360 View’s Profitability Module brings you all the information you need to cross-sell the “right” products and services that increase overall value and create programs to retain your best customers.  Attend this class if you want to “wow” your CFO and help your organization get an ever better return on their 360 View investment!

Breakout Session
Marketing MCIF Reports
Is Marketing MCIF Reporting still valuable in today’s day and age? Find out how MCIF Reporting in 360 View is different than outside MCIF systems. We will cover ways that 360 View can take MCIF reporting to another level.

3:00 PM

Breakout Session
Innovative Service Requests
“Incidents” sometimes get a bad reputation. The word can sound negative, but this is not always the case! This session will share innovative use cases from a variety of 360 View clients. Learn how others are using CRM to track internal processes, customer/member service requests, and more.

Breakout Session
New & Improved Customer Onboarding Journeys
Take your new customer through an onboarding journey that incorporates initial engagement, personalized relationship expansion all while creating value and reliability to optimize customer experience at the Financial Institution.

4:00 PM

Conference Closing Remarks